Friday, November 27, 2009

Africa and the Water Crisis

This post simply features a Youtube video from WaterAID titled: Africa Water Week- a film about the staus of WASH in Africa.

This film played during the first day of Africa Water Week 2009. The film looks at the status of water and sanitation in Africa. I implore any readers of this to watch any films WaterAid has on YouTube. If all I can do is spur one person to take action, this post will have served a purpose. The WaterAid home site is: Please support WaterAid generously. You may think these economic times are tough, tell that to the 48 million orphans in Africa, or the approximately 5 African children that died from disease due to unsafe water while you read this blog. Watch the video, visit their site, support their (and our) cause, bring hope, save lives.

Bob Downey

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